High-Frequency, Regulated,
200mA, Inverting Charge Pump


TheMAX889TESA+T inverting charge pump delivers a regulated
negative output voltage at loads of up to 200mA. The
device operates with inputs from 2.7V to 5.5V to produce
an adjustable, regulated output from -2.5V to -VIN.
The MAX889TESA+T is available with an operating frequency of
2MHz (T version), 1MHz (S version), or 0.5MHz (R version).
The higher switching frequency devices allow the
use of smaller capacitors for space-limited applications.
The lower frequency devices have lower quiescent
The MAX889TESA+T also features a 0.1μA logic-controlled
shutdown mode and is available in an 8-pin SO package.
An evaluation kit, MAX889SEVKIT, is available.


 200mA Output Current
 Up to 2MHz Switching Frequency
 Small Capacitors (1μF)
 +2.7V to +5.5V Input Voltage Range
 Adjustable Regulated Negative Output
(-2.5V to -VIN)
 0.1μA Logic-Controlled Shutdown
 Low 0.05Ω Output Resistance (in regulation)
 Soft-Start and Foldback Current Limited
 Short-Circuit and Thermal Shutdown Protected
 8-Pin SO Package


TFT Panels
Hard Disk Drives
Digital Cameras
Measurement Instruments
Battery-Powered Applications

MAX889TESA+T is a high-efficiency, small, and low-cost power management integrated circuit. It is mainly used for managing various power voltage and current. One of the main uses is to convert high voltage to low voltage for the device to use. It can also be used for managing battery charge, monitoring voltage and current, and shutting off the device when the battery charge is low to prevent damage. It can also be used to reduce power consumption when the device is turned off or in standby mode.

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