5G6515, a switched capacitor filter

5G6515 ,The center frequency input D et ec to r (D et EC to R) in G6515 inputs the signal in the passband through a comparator.Enter the frequency selection part of the subtraction counter for frequency selection. It is mainly used to detect the frequency of the input signal or narrow the width of the passband. When the frequency of the input signal is near the center frequency of the band-pass output characteristic, the detector output is “1”,,,,, which indicates that the input signal is selected, otherwise it is “0”. Narrowing the bandwidth is achieved by adjusting the reference level V of the comparator.

5G6515 consists of two parts: biquadratic second-order switched capacitor band-pass filter and wave detector with central frequency input.Because 5G6515 requires a high frequency of the reference clock, it needs an external reference clock signal.Clock frequency (fcK) and the center frequency of the passband (. )The ratio is: f cK/ f 。= 32 . 0。 Because 5G6515 has a high Q-wave, its passband width is narrow, so it can be used in the frequency selection network with high requirements for the coherent frequency of signals.

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