Low Noise
No External Components Required
Replaces Chopper Amplifiers at a Lower
Single-Chip Monolithic Fabrication
Wide Input Voltage Range
0 to ±14 V Typ
Wide Supply Voltage Range
±3 V to ±18 V
Essentially Equivalent to Fairchild mA714
Operational Amplifiers

These devices represent a breakthrough in operational amplifier performance. Low offset and long-term stability
are achieved by means of a low-noise, chopperless, bipolar-input-transistor amplifier circuit. For most
applications, external components are not required for offset nulling and frequency compensation. The true
differential input, with a wide input voltage range and outstanding common-mode rejection, provides maximum
flexibility and performance in high-noise environments and in noninverting applications. Low bias currents and
extremely high input impedances are maintained over the entire temperature range. The OP07CPis unsurpassed
for low-noise, high-accuracy amplification of very low-level signals.
These devices are characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.

OP07CP is a type of analog integrated circuit, a high precision operational amplifier. This IC is commonly used in various electronic systems and devices such as measuring instruments, detectors, data recorders, controllers, power amplifiers and more. It can be used to enhance the precision and stability of signals, as well as improve the performance of the system. Specific uses will vary and depend on the manufacturer’s specifications and detailed product data.

And for OP07CP’s application is, OP07CP is an operational amplifier integrated circuit which is designed for amplifying and operating on weak analog signals. It has features of high precision, low noise, and low offset. It is commonly used in applications where high precision and stability are required such as weighing, measurement, detection, control, and communication. It is also used in high performance instruments and meters such as high precision metering instruments, audio and video equipment and others.

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